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Small Business Taxes & Management

What is the Definition of Income? “We often talk about 'income', but tax law recognizes a number of different types of 'income'. Some are general in nature, some specific to relatively narrow areas of the Code. The article below describes the most common ones along with a short discussion of related and non-tax income definitions.”Small business taxes & management

Securing Venture Capital Funding for Your Business

“Real venture capital is a very rarified subset of investment in startups. Most of it comes in amounts in millions of dollars, invested in companies that are already launched, growing, and needing follow-on investment. That happens fewer than 5,000 times in an average year in the U.S. And that 5,000-per-year venture capital investment compares to roughly six million startups in an average year in the U.S. If your startup is really a candidate for venture capital, you know that already, and you know how and where to get it.” BPlans | Securing venture capital funding
  • CorpTech Profiles Company profiles with links to press releases and online news for 45,000 technology manufacturers and research organizations. More detailed profiles and reports available for a fee.
  • Hoover's Online Company profiles. Search by name, ticker symbol, location, industry, sales. Some searches free, some fee.
  • Investor's Business Daily Breaking economic news; executive updates.
  • Investor Guide Online investing community offering thousands of links
  • Federal Tax Forms All federal forms, publications, instructions and regulations.
  • Minimum Wage Information on the federal minimum wage from the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • Morningstar.com Updated stock quotes; searchable QuickTake reports on stocks and mutual funds; searchable by ticker number or name; articles and columns by financial analysts. (Note: some annual performance graphs that appear on the screen may not print).
  • MyMoney.gov From the U.S. Financial Literacy and Education Commission, site offers information on budgeting, taxes, credit, financial planning, home ownership, retirement planning, more.
  • Nasdaq Stock Market Stock quotes, market data, index tracking.
  • Small Business Administration About SBA; SBA resources; information on starting a business; financing and expanding a business.

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